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Borders and Boundaries (Patuka Press)

Borders and Boundaries (Patuka Press)

Borders and Boundaries is the second Patuka Press anthology of Gibraltarian writing.
Borders and Boundaries contains 21 pieces in English, Spanish and Llanito by Humbert Hernandez, Rebecca Calderon, Giordano Durante, Jackie Anderson, Jonathan Pizarro, Gabriel Moreno, Jonathan Teuma, M. G. Sanchez, Marisa Salazar, David Chevasco, Barbara Durante, Charles Durante, Dale Buttigieg, Sophie Macdonald, Julian Felice, David Alvarez, Michael Lombard, Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga, Davina Barbara, Liam John Ballester and Naomi Duarte.

Product Details
Publisher: Patuka Press
Year of Publication: 2023
Language: English, Spanish & Llanito
Paperback 183 pages
Dimensions: 20.4cm (l), 13.3cm (w), 1.1cm (d)