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Beyond the Ramparts (Manolo Galliano and Victor Hermida)

Beyond the Ramparts (Manolo Galliano and Victor Hermida)

By Manolo Galliano with Photography, Maps and Illustrations by Victor Hermida L.R.P.S.

This is the follow up from 'A Rock Labyrinth'; Beyond the Ramparts: The History of Gibraltar's Roads, Streets and Lanes beyond the City Walls. 
This book comes with a complimentary set of 4 magnets of Gibraltar Street names worth £6.99.

This book describes the history of the roads, streets and lanes of Gibraltar, located beyond and outside the City Walls, together with details of the countless important edifices and fortifications surrounding them. It complements 'A Rocky Labyrinth', published in 2022, which dealt exclusively with the origins and history of the thoroughfares within the City itself. This new publication attempts to provide an evocative insight into how the Rock was able to develop and grow over the centuries, as a result of the ever increasing requirements for new roads and improvements to existing ones. In the process, greater traffic fluidity and better accessibility was achieved for the ultimate benefit of all sectors of the community. 

The contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist, Menmet Murat IIdan, stated 'Every road is different, just like every human being; every road has a different voice, different character, different spirit and different dreams. Every times you take a step on a new road, it is like you meet a new person.'

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Product Details:
Publisher: Gibraltar Chronicle Printing Ltd.
Year of Publication: 2023
Language: English
Hardback 310 pages
Dimensions: 25.5cm (l), 20.5cm (w), 3cm (d)