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Alice's Table V (Alice Mascarenhas)

Alice's Table V (Alice Mascarenhas)

Five years ago,in September 2018, Alice Mascarenhas, former Deputy Editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle, opened the page on a new chapter in her 40-year trajectory as a journalist. Having retired from the daily grind of the newsroom, she took up a role as a columnist in the newspaper, inviting a new guest to her table every week and giving her readers a glimpse into the lives of Gibraltarians from all walks of life. This fifth  book is a collection of the year of Alice's Table, as her weekly column is aptly named. Here are 45 more stories of personal achievement, sacrifice and resolve, tales of trails and triumphs, always told with humanity and a reporter's keen eye for the details that bring a story to life. In this book, like in the first, second, third and fourth volumes, they are contemporary, spanning several decades rooted in Gibraltar's collective memory. Together, they represent a rich modern history of Gibraltar and its people, within a real time. 

Product Details:
Publisher: Gibraltar Chronicle (Printing) Ltd.
Year of Publication: 2023
Language: English
Paperback: 259 pages
Dimensions:  23.8cm (l), 16cm (w),1.8cm (d)