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Shit Jobs (Patuka Press: Various Authors)

Shit Jobs (Patuka Press: Various Authors)

Shit Jobs is a pamphlet containing short prose pieces by 18 Gibraltarian writers. They write about the misery, risk and sheer futility of certain jobs with a mix of unashamed directness, dark humour, cutting satire and a dose of social criticism. The pamphlet also represents Gibraltar’s linguistically hybrid nature with pieces in English, Spanish and Llanito.

List of contents
Jackie Villa - El Quemadero
Barbara Durante - Six chipped plates, please
Nicholas Montegriffo - The Scream
Melissa Bosano - The Shelfie
Giordano Durante - Mudboy
Gabriel Moreno - El Poetry Brothel
Liam John Ballester - Snowstorm at Flesh Forest
Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga - Steve Jobs
Dale Buttigieg - PGCE er Xapù Mal Pagàu
Terrence Moss - Conchita
Leah Pou - A First Job to Remember
Rebecca Calderon - Hot Food Ladies!
Humbert Hernandez - Monólogo de la Luna
Christian Facio - Rewind 20 years back
Giulietta Durante - A Damn Fine Summer
Jackie Anderson - The Smell of Success
Mark Sanchez - The Green Room
Joe Adamberry - Chaly el Sordo

Product Details
Publisher: Patuka Press

Year of publication: 2023
Language: English, Spanish and Yanito
Paperback 87 pages

Dimensions: 20.2cm (l), 13.2cm (w), 0.7cm (d)