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A-Slam-Baba-Luba...a-slam-bam-u! (Jonathan Teuma)

A-Slam-Baba-Luba...a-slam-bam-u! (Jonathan Teuma)

Jonathan Teuma (stage name 'Yanito') brings us ‘¡A-slam-baba-luba…a-slam-bam-bú!’, a punchy collection of slam poetry which begins in the thick of a seemingly endless economic crisis which has to be faced with “amor, conflicto y mucho cachondeo.”

‘The poems are assertively multilingual, bringing together Llanito, Andaluz, English and even Portuguese (often in the same line) in a way that will horrify local purists and prudes. Teuma’s virtuoso way with language also extends to clever wordplay and a knack for rapid shifts of register to suit the logic of a poem.'

Product Details
Year of publication: 2022
Language: Yanito
Hardback 153 pages
Dimensions: 21.8cm (i), 15.7cm (w), 1.7cm (d)