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Nostalgia Elsewhere (Giordano Durante)

Nostalgia Elsewhere (Giordano Durante)

Nostalgia Elsewhere is the third collection of poems by Gibraltarian writer Giordano Durante.

Although some of the themes will be familiar to readers of his previous collections; of childhood, memory, and Gibraltar's Upper Town, they're treated with a greater urgency here, the lyrical impulse to preserve, transform and praise now stronger and more spontaneous.  

"Durante's latest collection sees ordinary objects, people and locations transformed: a local drunk becomes an unlikely philosopher, a houseing estate takes on mythical qualities and a break-time snack inspires reflections on adolescence. Although rooted in the local, in the memory and the past, there is an elegiac thread running through his work. These poems like those in his debut 'West', have a haunting, out-of-time quality". M.G Sanchez (Author of The Fetishist).

Product Details
Publisher: The Dabutive Collective
Year of Publication: 2022
Language: English
Paperback: 62
Dimensions: 15cm (w) x 21cm (l) x 0.5cm (d)