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A Time Remembered (Humbert Hernandez)

A Time Remembered (Humbert Hernandez)

By Humbert Hernanadez

The biography of Cecil Gomez and that of his drama group. Dedicated to Cecil Gomez, a master craftsman, close friend and collaborator of Humbert Hernandez. 'The tale grew inordinately in the telling. I soon realised that by going the extra yard I could chronicle all the drama and allied activities embarked upon by the drama group(s) orbiting the central start system composed by the three main directors of plays: Cecil, the late Dr Leslie Zammit and myself. Additionally, this biography covers the very important achievements of Cecil Gomez in education which have been most innovative and bold during a period of over thirty years ending his career, as he did, as headmaster of St. Anne's Middle School.'

Product Details:
Publisher: HighFlyer Marketing ltd. 
Year of Publication: 2021
Language: English
Hardback: 375 pages
Dimensions: 21.6cm (w) x 30.4cm (l) x 2.7cm (d)