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Gooseman (M.G. Sanchez)

Gooseman (M.G. Sanchez)

By M.G. Sanchez

'If there is a date when my story begings, it is 13 September 1981. That day was not only my first day at school; it was the first time that I realised I was not like the others.' So begins Gooseman, M.G. Sanchez's new darkly comic quick-witted young Gibraltarian loner. Shunned by his schoolmates and bullied by his father, Guzman dreams about leaving the small town atmosphere of his native Gibraltar and starting a new life in the UK. But when he finally overcomes his demons and cuts the umbilical cord tying him to the British Overseas Territory, things don't quite go according to plan...

Product Details:
Publisher: The Dabuti Collective
Year of Publication: 2020
Language: English
Paperback: 457 pages
Dimensions: 13.3cm (w) x 20.2cm (l) x 3cm