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The Fetishist (M.G. Sanchez)

The Fetishist (M.G. Sanchez)

By M.G. Sanchez

Nathan Holgado, admin assistant at Fernandez Funeral Services, loves all things British and military related. He is also obsessed with his Victorian English ancestor, his great-great-great-grandfather Private Edwin Baxter of the 15th Regiment of Foot. Looking at Google Street View one afternoon, Holgado discoveres that the house in Yorkshire where Edwin was born is still standing. Filled with patriotic pride, he decides to fly to the UK and visit Baxter's birthplace...

Product Details:
Publisher: The Dabuti Collective
Year of Publication: 2021
Language: English
Paperback: 220 pages
Dimensions: 12.2 (w) x 20.3 (l) x 1.6cm (d)