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Handbook for Justices of the Peace

Handbook for Justices of the Peace

This is the Second Edition of the 'Handbook for Justices of the Peace'. The aim of the Handbook is to provide Justices of the Peace ("JPs") with readily available information and background knowledge that will be of use to them in their sittings at the Magistrates’ Court in Gibraltar.This Second Edition includes a new section on the 'Procedure in a Magistrates' Court Trial'. It also includes a new section covering 'Appeals to the Supreme Court‘ against decisions taken by the Magistrates' Court.A number of reported judgments on such Appeals have also been included in order to provide JPs with further background. These reported judgments include some guidance on the drafting of reasons for decisions by the Magistrates' Court, which are required to be given in open court by the Chair of the bench.The Sentencing Guidelines and Bench Norms for the most common offences dealt with by JPs in Gibraltar are included in the Appendix to the handbook in a format that has been simplified, for ease of reference.