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Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 10

Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 10

Articles in this edition:

  • Two Views on the Arab Invasion and Tariq/Tarif, Hammo Sassoon
  • The Jose Luis Diez Incident, Dennis D Beiso
  • The Convent at Gibraltar, Tito Benady
  • The Govenors of Gibraltar II (1730-1749), Tito Benady
  • The Diary of Harriet Beanland as a Girl, 1874-1876, Malcolm Beanland
  • Women of Gibraltar, Sam Benady
  • The Gibraltarian Identity and Early 20th Century Marriage Practices, LA Sawchuk & L Walz
  • Pedro an his GDF Honey Wagon, Arthur Addis
  • Personalities and Ordinary People in Spanish Gibraltar in the 16th and 17th Century, Pt. I, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez
  • Edwardian Architecture in the Campo de Gibraltar, Ana Aranda Bernal