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Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 7

Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 7

Articles in this edition:

  • The Gallantry of Lieutenant Solomon Benzecry, Eric Canessa
  • Sufficient unto the day, Joe Ochello
  • HMS Cormorant and HMS Hart, 1894-1949, Ernest Reading
  • Fives Court, Tony Lombard
  • The Social Impact of the Spanish Civil War in Gibraltar, Denis Beiso
  • The Refurbishment of the Convent, Rose Luce
  • Gibraltar and the Falklands Dimension, Anthony Gooch
  • Visual Artefacts of 19th century Gibraltar, Larry Sawchuk & Jane Padiak
  • Djebel Tarik, Tito Vallejo
  • English and Spanish in Gibraltar, Sergius Ballentine
  • Spaniards in Gibraltar after the Treaty of Utrecht, Tito Benady