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Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 6

Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 6

Articles in this edition:

  • The Kidnapping of the Bonells, Paco Galliano
  • The Tragic Evacuation of the Indian Community of Gibraltar in 1940, Percy Mañasco
  • The Place of the Garrison Library in Gibraltarian Society, Tito Benady
  • The Case of the Cuban Refugees, TJ Finlayson
  • Days to Remember: the Evacuation, Joseph L Morello
  • Gibraltar in Fiction, Sam Benady
  • The Spanish Consul in Gibraltar During the Constitutional Triennial 1820-1823, Juan Manuel Ballesta Gomez
  • Reminiscences of Gibraltar, Richard Gilham Thomsett
  • Cooperation and Conflict in North Front in the 1800s, Cecilia Baldachino
  • The Depositions of the Spanish Inhabitants of Gibraltar to the Inspectors of the Army in 1712, Tito Benady