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Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 5

Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 5

Articles in this edition:

  • An old pupil of the Christian Brothers looks back, Pop Gareze
  • Paul Morphy's Spanish Connection, Sam G Benady
  • Scandals: the seamy side of life in Gibraltar in the eighteenth century, Tito Benady
  • Spies Hanged During the War, Sir Joshua Hassan
  • Smith, Immossi & Co Ltd, Patricia Smith
  • World War II and its effect on the development of  a civilian medical service in Gibraltar, Sam G Benady
  • The Painting of Utopia, Lus Pereira
  • Reminiscences of the Gibraltar Museum, David C Devenish
  • Heraldry in Gibraltar, Anthony Lombard
  • Moslem Gibraltar as described by the ancient chroniclers, Tito Benady
  • Description of Gibraltar in 1825, James Anton
  • Newspapers published in Gibraltar 1900-1972, Tommy Finlayson