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Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 3

Gibraltar Heritage Journal Volume 3

Articles in this edition:

  • The Restoration of the City Hall, Gino F. Matto RIBA
  • Gibraltar and the Sea, Sam G Benady
  • Gibraltar's First Election, TJ Finlayson
  • Expelled From Morocco, Lourdes Galliano
  • The American View and the Spanish Claim, Dr. Joseph Garcia
  • The Lombard Family, Anthony Lombard
  • Cazes: Gibraltar Department Store, Sam G Benady
  • Underground Power Stations of the Royal Engineers, Ken Anthony
  • A Tale of Two Families, AAD Seymour
  • Gibraltar in 1748: Described by Robert Poole, introduction by Tito Benady
  • William Willoughby Cole Verner, Dr. Clive Finlayson