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(Download) Gibraltar Heritage Journal 25

(Download) Gibraltar Heritage Journal 25


This product is downloaded for personal, non-commercial, entertainment use and not for any redistribution in any form or format. Please respect the laws of Copyright.


Celebrating 25 years of The Gibraltar Heritage Journal with an extra large edition of over 15 articles and notes & queries. 

Articles include:

  • 25 years of the Journal of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, by Richard Garcia

  • The Gibraltar Gas Company: A case Study in Colonial Capitalism, by Roy Clinton

  • Francisco Porro, the Gibraltarian Bishop ‘Persecuted’ by Napoleon, by Marti Crespo

  • Shakelton Air Crash at R.A.F. North Front 14th September 1957, by Manolo Galliano

  • Giraltar Gills – Merchants and Medics, by Robin Gill

  • A Contemporary Account of the Capture of Gibraltar, by Sam Benady

  • World War One: The Impact on GIbrlatar, by Anthony W Pitaluga

  • Lord Tyrawley; a singularly Licentious Man, by Tito Benday

  • The British Salamanders, by Roy and Lesley Adkins

  • The Bombing and Sinking of the ‘H.M.T. Stella Sirius’, by Ian Balestrino

  • Bishop Devlin’s Account of the Early History of St. Teresa’s Church, by Richard Garcia

  • Alcaldes, Alcaides, Corregidores & Governors of Gibraltar (1310-1704), by Manolo Galliano

  • Notes and Queries include: Monkey Business, by Sam Benady; Drum, by Richard Labrador; H.M.S. Britannia Revisitied, by Ian Balestrino; Book Review ‘Of Monks and Nuns’.