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Gibraltar Heritage Journal 2017 No.23

Gibraltar Heritage Journal 2017 No.23

Articles in this Edition: 

  • 1967 & All That - Memories of Gibraltar's First Referendum, By Manolo Galliano
  • Photographs of the 1967 Referendum, Courtesy of the Gibraltar National Archives
  • The trial of Doña Claudia Theresa Palomin by the Inquisition, José Maria Lázaro Bruña
  • The proposed Demolition of the Main Guard, Richard Garcia
  • Cholera and Choleric Bureaucrat, Sam Benady
  • Maltese Immigrants in Gibraltar, Tito Benady
  • Four Officers in Command (or not in Command), Tito Benady
  • Spanish Inhabitants who remained in Gibraltar after 1704, Part II, Richard Garcia